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Alien 9662 And EM4200 Combo Card

China manufacturer Sunlanrfid for UHF(alien 9662)+LF(EM4200) combo card Material:PVC/PET/PETG/ABS/PLA Size: 85.6mm*53.98mm*0.80±0.04mm( ISO14443,7816, CR80)or on your demand Chip: Alien 9662 chip DESCRIPTION ALIEN SHORT RFID WET INLAY (ALN-9662, HIGGS-3) - ROLL OF 1,000 The Alien Technology...

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China manufacturer Sunlanrfid for UHF(alien 9662)+LF(EM4200) combo card 

Size: 85.6mm*53.98mm*0.80±0.04mm( ISO14443,7816, CR80)or on your demand
Chip: Alien 9662 chip  DESCRIPTION

The Alien Technology ALN-9662 "Short" RFID inlay is a narrower version of its high performance, general purpose Squiggle® sibling. ALN-9662 inlays are World Tag compliant, enabling consistent operation across the diverse frequencies of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. With its Higgs-3 core, the Short delivers excellent performance and a rich feature set including a 32-bit TID, a 64-bit Unique TID for authentication and serialization applications, an extensible EPC memory bank, 512-bits of user memory for distributed data applications, and password protected read and write support capabilities to prevent unauthorized viewing and modification of the tag's data.
Exceptional performance.
EPC Gen 2 (v1.2.0) compliant.
ISO/IEC 18000-6C compliant.
Worldwide RFID UHF operation (840-960MHz).
Pre-programmed with a unique, unalterable 64-bit serial number (ideal for authentication).
User Memory can be Block Perma-Locked.
User Memory can be Read Password protected in 64-bit blocks, prohibiting unintended Reads without an access password.
Supports all Mandatory and Optional Gen 2 commands including item level commands.
Custom commands for high speed programming

Air Interface Protocol:
EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Operating Frequency: Global 840-960 MHz
IC Type: Alien Higgs-3
Memory: EPC 96 bits, User 512 bits, TID 64 bits
EPC Memory Content: Unique, randomized number
Max Read Distance: >3.04 m (10 feet)
Applicable Surface Materials: Wood, plastic, glass, cardboard
MECHANICAL: Tag Form Factor:
Wet inlay Tag Materials: TT printable white film
Attachment Method: General purpose adhesive
Dimensions: 0.835 x 2.89 in (21.2 x 73.5 mm)
Weight: <1 g

ENVIRONMENT Operating Temperature: -40° to +70°C

EM4200 is a CMOS integrated circuit intended for use in electronic Read Only RF transponders. It is designed to replace directly the EM Microelectronic-Marin Read Only ICs EM4100/4102 and EM4005/4105.
Comparing to EM4100/4102 and EM4005/4105, the chip provides higher reading range performances and presents on its coil terminals a 250pF resonant capacitor (selectable by mask option). The 128 bit unique code is stored in laser programmed ROM. Several options are available to use 64, 96 or 128 bits of ROM.
The circuit is powered by an external coil placed in an electromagnetic field and gets its master clock from the same field. By turning on and off the modulation current, the chip will send back the unique code contained in a factory pre-programmed laser ROM

Full compatible with EM4100/4102 and EM4005/4105 communication protocols.
128 bit laser programmed ROM (64 and 96 bit  option available)
Several options of data rate and data encoding:
Manchester 32 and 64 RF clocks per bit Ø Biphase 32 and 64 RF clocks per bit
PSK 16 RF clocks per bit (subcarrier RF/2) Ø FSK2 50RF clocks per bit
Several resonant capacitor integrated on chip(0pF, 75pF or 250pF mask option)
100 to 150 kHz frequency range q On-chip rectifier and voltage limiter
external supply buffer capacitor needed q -40°C to +85°C temperature range q Very low power consumption and High  performances

Animal Identification according to ISO11785 (FDX-B)

Waste management standard (BDE) q Access Control
Logistics automation q Anticounterfeiting
Industrial transponde
MOQ: 500pcs
Shipping By express:UPS/DHL/TNT/FEDEX By Air / Sea or on your demand
Payment: T/T,WesterUnion,Paypal
Lead time: 3-8 working days after the receipt of 50% deposit of the total payment
Sample: Samples are available for free but the freight collect.

Packaging details:
Small box:250pcs (22.5cm*9.3cm*6cm) or on your demand
Weight(reference)  6kg/1000pcs(without chip) 8kg/1000pcs(with chip)
Certificate:ISO 9001-2008, SGS

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