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Analysis of UHF RFID access control management system

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As a new modern security management system, access control system integrates automatic identification technology and computer control information management measures, involving electronic, mechanical, optical, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology and many other technologies. With the development of automatic identification technology, UHF RFID access control management system has become the main part of security system, widely used in industrial automation, commercial automation, traffic control management and many other fields. Access control system based on RFID technology is the development direction of access control system construction in the future.

The personnel access control and attendance management system integrates UHF RFID technology, image recognition technology, network technology, video acquisition technology and other technologies to realize the integration of access control, attendance and digital management of enterprise employees. The system has the function of intelligent photo comparison. The system captures and stores the images when the personnel swipe the card and compares them with the photos in the system database through the image acquisition equipment To eliminate the phenomenon of employee swiping card provides the most reliable data support for the reasonable attendance management of enterprises, and to maximize the strength of enterprise access safety supervision.

UHF RFID access control management system consists of access control machine (integrated with reader and controller), identification card, computer and electromagnetic lock. Generally, there are two forms of access control system. One is that when employees pass the access control system, they only need to aim the card (UHF RFID electronic tag) they wear at the infrared ray of the access control machine, and the door will open automatically. The other is the UHF RFID UHF remote access control management system. Through the installation of UHF reader and the UHF electronic tag worn by employees, the door can be opened and closed and the ID card can be read automatically and intelligently during the whole process of passing, without the need for workers to operate and save time. The cost of the second kind of UHF RFID access control management system is high. The choice of these two forms depends on the specific needs of the enterprise.


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