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Any good manufacturers for hotel key card ?
If you are doing business in hotel key card sector, Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd is the provider you will need to make the ideal product! Our quality programs and production methods are among the finest among the competitors. And our years of expertise within the area are able to help you find a way to achieve your goal.

Sunlanrfid is an globally advanced company in the field of label nfc. The UHF Inlay Prelam series is widely praised by customers. Sunlanrfid rfid metal tags uses a professional grade projection screen material. This kind of material is formulated with a 300D technology core and is suitable for roller retractable application. The ways of payment for this product include L/C, T/T and Western Union. The product features desirable safety. The ammonia refrigerant used has a characteristic odor that can be detected by humans even at very low concentrations. It has an extra-thin thickness of structure for great recognition capability.

It is more necessary for Sunlanrfid to sort out the standardization of product lines. Please contact us!
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