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Application scope of RFID system

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Application scope of RFID system

The era of international Internet of things is coming. It is reported that RFID technology has been widely used in European and American markets. With the increasing maturity of RFID technology and the reduction of RFID tag price in Chinese market, RFID electronic tag will replace the traditional one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode. If two-dimensional code is the extension of one-dimensional code label, the birth of RFID is a revolution in the label industry. Its application fields are mainly in the following aspects:

1. Logistics management

Logistics is the largest market application space of RFID, which can greatly improve the efficiency of logistics links and provide technical support for the realization of zero inventory. Wal Mart, a global retail giant, and Medron, a German retailer, have made great efforts to promote the application of RFID tags. They have realized the use of RFID technology in supermarkets to realize product identification, anti stealing, real-time inventory and product validity control.

2. Food safety

Food safety is a national event of people's livelihood. RFID technology can ensure food safety in an all-round way by recording the whole process of food planting or breeding as well as tracking forward and backward the links of food circulation.

3. Commodity security

Commodity anti-counterfeiting can guarantee the normal market order and consumption reputation, and has a huge market space. RFID anti-counterfeiting technology and wireless communication network can be used to realize the quality inspection of commodities at any time and any place. At present, it has been used in tobacco and alcohol. We will carry out trials on medicine and other commodities.

4. Applications in other fields

RFID has a very wide range of application space, such as traffic management, military management, security, animal breeding and pet management, library management and other fields, have a huge application prospect.


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