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Application technology of RFID truck frame management


Application technology of RFID truck frame management

RFID radio frequency identification technology is to use radio frequency for non-contact two-way communication to exchange data in order to achieve the purpose of identification. Compared with the traditional magnetic card, IC card or bar code identification methods, RFID has the characteristics of long-distance and non-contact identification, and has strong adaptability to the environment. Through reasonable design, it can work in various harsh environments and has excellent identification effect. RFID identification works without manual intervention, which is suitable for automatic data acquisition of the system. At the same time, it can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple electronic tags at the same time, and the operation is fast and convenient. RFID truck frame management application technology makes use of these advantages of RFID technology for intelligent management.

The RFID reader sends a microwave query signal to the electronic tag through the antenna. The electronic tag is activated by the microwave energy of the reader. After receiving the microwave signal, it responds and sends an echo signal with tag data information. The basic feature of RFID technology is to use radio technology to identify stationary or moving objects, so as to determine the identity of the object to be identified and extract the characteristic information of the object to be identified. At present, it has been widely used in automobile production, transportation control and management, industrial automation, warehousing and logistics and many other fields.

RFID freight car frame management system is based on RFID technology, the Chinese and foreign container truck frame control system, will be based on reference RFID in other fields of successful application experience, combined with the domestic and foreign truck frame management needs, with automation, advanced, stability, expansibility as the principle, around the core business needs, Realize the automatic identification, tracking and monitoring of container truck frame. The core of the system is to install RFID reader and RFID antenna at the front of the container truck, and RFID electronic tag on the frame. Through the identification of the electronic tag by the reader, the monitoring and management of the frame can be achieved. The RFID electronic tag is installed near the front of the frame, and the appropriate installation position is selected according to different frame structural characteristics. At the same time, the frame is made of metal and anti metal electronic labels shall be adopted. In order to ensure that the electronic label will not be damaged during the use, storage and transportation of the frame, the structure of the frame itself is fully utilized to achieve the protection of the electronic label. For the frame without protection position, on the premise of taking into account the reading performance, install metal baffle or buffer rubber to protect the label.

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