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China's RFID development still needs to break through three major bottlenecks


Indeed, in recent years, the application of RFID in the Chinese market has gradually accelerated. The typical application of RFID, such as the NFC ticketing system, the second-generation resident ID card, the traffic card of the public transportation system, and the parking management system of the large parking lot, is brought to the user. At the same time of cost saving and efficiency improvement, the mainstream enterprises in the industrial chain will share the huge business opportunities brought by market growth.

The industry boom is exciting, but it should be noted that some deep-seated problems in the development of RFID in China have not been completely resolved:

First, the localization of RFID chips is low and has not yet entered large-scale applications. At present, most of the RFID chips used in the domestic market come from foreign manufacturers such as NXP, ST and Alien, although Fudan Microelectronics, and some other chip companies have also made breakthroughs in recent years, but domestic chips have hardly entered large-scale applications, resulting in huge profits for foreign manufacturers. Domestic chip companies should pay attention.

Second, the development of RFID middleware is missing. RFID middleware is responsible for realizing the information interaction and management with RFID hardware and supporting equipment. At the same time, as a bridge between software and hardware, it completes the information exchange with the upper complex applications, and its role is comparable to the human central nervous system. Some insiders have pointed out that the core competitiveness of RFID is reflected in the maturity of middleware. China's RFID companies currently have few layouts in this field, and versatile middleware is an area that enterprises completely ignore. As the information interaction between the RFID system and the enterprise core business system continues to strengthen, the future middleware market may contain huge business opportunities.

Third, the level of domestic RFID application is low,  At present, the deployment of RFID in China is still in the typical geographical and industrial scope, and it belongs to the lower-level closed-loop application. It can not really play the role of RFID, change the label content at any time, anytime and anywhere, remote non-contact identification control, record a large amount of information and Open-loop application features such as encryption. In China, the biggest advantage of RFID has become its biggest problem. RFID involves all aspects of social and economic life. Some typical applications are difficult to form general-purpose consumer electronic products for promotion in the short term. Wide-area and cross-industry open-loop applications need to be broken. .

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