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Customized RFID Smart Label in wide range applications


SUNLANRFID has developed custom RFID smart Label operating in 125 KHz. With IC chip inside the RFID smart label, it can easily collect the information in real-time. Therefore, this easy-to-use smart LF label is widely used in different fields, like airline ticketing and luggage industries etc.Based on the high-quality paper and 3M Glue adhesive, the LF RFID smart label has the features of durability and waterproof. That is to say, it can bear the tough environment, such as high temperature, water or other liquid. And it is able to precisely record the details without interference even if in terriable conditions.

Once the smart label is affixed the surface of the object, data can be stored immediately and monitored accurately. And the RFID smart label has a lifespan of more than ten years to keep the integrity of data. Just like custom barcode, it can support on printing number, logo and other images.

Owing to its excellent performance, the custom RFID smart label becomes more and more popular in the daily life and offer much benefit in business. There is no doubt, its ease can improve the working effectiveness and save the time.

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