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Does Sunlanrfid have export licence?
As a company running an export business for years, Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd, of course, has got a certified export license. Encouraged by the current economic situation and the Chinese government, we are legally qualified to manufacture and export prox card to overseas countries. This government document grants us to export a specific quantity of goods to a foreign country to satisfy the needs of customers there. Also, it can help us avoid some troubles or problems during the process of customs clearance or products shipment, saving unnecessary time while improving work efficiency.

Sunlanrfid is a comprehensively leading manufacturer of rfid card reader. The smart id card series is widely praised by customers. The design of Sunlanrfid rfid chip card follows a set of criteria. All criteria are developed from a lifecycle perspective of the screen, covering manufacturing, use, and end of life or recovery phases. The product has inside chips which are more precise than traditional smart chips. Expect affordable price, our school id card is also famous for its quality assurance. It can be applied widely including access control, transportation and shopping centers.

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