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Does Sunlanrfid provide OEM service?
Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd provides OEM service and we are especially proficient at handling this kind of stuff. OEM manufacturing is normally best suited for purchasers and business with new and innovative products. It simply refers to our ability and willingness to make products based on the purchaser's design concepts. For example, any product with a customized design, materials, dimensions, functions, or even colors can be classified as OEM. It is noticeable, however, considering the higher level of capital expenditure and technical understanding of the product required, the minimum order quantity of OEM will be higher than that of ODM.

Sunlanrfid is a leading who is specially good at manufacturing Sunlanrfid . Sunlanrfid is mainly engaged in the business of rfid chip reader and other product series. our team room key card is offered in various designed styles in order to meet different requirements. The product is highly reliable without static breakdown problems. The product features the desired accuracy during operation. It will replicate the exact same task thousands of times with extremely tight tolerance levels. The product is ideal for its reading accuracy.

We take steps to maintain sustainable development. We minimize energy consumption and lower production waste while thinking highly of environmental impacts.
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