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Efficient and intelligent RFID file management


RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is widely used in various fields. It is an automatic identification technology which rose in the 1990s. In practical application, the RFID reader writes the data in a specific format into the RFID tag, and then binds the RFID tag to the information of the object, so as to read and identify the electronic data stored in the RFID electronic tag without contact, so as to realize the remote, contactless collection and wireless transmission of the object identification information. RFID file management is efficient and intelligent.

RFID realizes the intellectualization and informatization of archives management. According to the daily storage, inquiry, borrowing, return, anti-theft and other specific business of archives, the system carries out dynamic management on the file circulation. The system uses RFID electronic tag as the information carrier to collect and monitor the data of each link of the file circulation, so as to realize the automation of the file business processing, so as to replace the traditional workflow.

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