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 In the research literature at home and abroad, the current research on electronic labels mainly focuses on the following three aspects.


1 Chip technology


Chip technology is a core technology of RFID technology. A tag chip is a system, which integrates all circuits except tag antenna and match line, including RF front-end, analog front-end, digital baseband, memory unit and other modules. The basic requirements for chips are light, thin, small, low and cheap.

The development trend of RFID chip design and manufacturing technology is that the chip power consumption is lower, the function distance is longer, the read-write speed is faster, the reliability is higher, and the cost is constantly reduced. In addition to increasing the storage capacity of tags to carry more information, reducing the size of tags to reduce costs, improving the sensitivity of tags to increase the reading distance, the current research focuses also include: ultra-low power circuit; security and privacy technology, cryptographic function and implementation; low-cost chip design and manufacturing technology; new storage technology; conflict prevention algorithm and implementation technology; Integrated technology with sensor; integrated solution with application system.


2 Antenna design technology

In the design of RFID tag antenna, miniaturization is always concerned. In order to expand the application range, the bandwidth and gain characteristics and cross polarization characteristics of miniaturized antenna are also important research directions. At present, RFID tags still use off-chip independent antenna, which has the advantages of high Q value, easy to manufacture, moderate cost, but large size, easy to break, not competent for anti-counterfeiting or biological tags implanted in animals and other tasks. If the antenna can be integrated on the label chip, it can work without any external devices, which can reduce the volume of the whole label, simplify the label production process and reduce the cost, which leads to the research of the antenna technology on chip. In addition, at present, the research focus of tag antenna includes antenna matching technology, structure optimization technology, broadband antenna design covering multiple frequency bands, multi tag antenna optimization distribution technology, anti metal design technology, consistency and anti-interference technology, etc.


3 packaging technology

The package of electronic tag mainly includes chip assembly, antenna fabrication and other major links. With the development of new packaging technology, new processing technologies have emerged in label packaging technology, such as flip chip bump generation (bunping), antenna printing and so on. Compared with the traditional wire connection or belt connection, flip chip technology has the advantages of high packaging density, good electrical and thermal performance, good reliability and low cost. Using conductive ink to print tag antenna instead of traditional etching method to make tag antenna greatly reduces the production cost of electronic tag. In addition, the research focus of label packaging technology also includes low-temperature hot pressing packaging technology, precision mechanism design optimization, multi physical measurement and control, high-precision and high-speed motion control, online detection technology and so on.


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