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Export destinations of Sunlanrfid
Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd's products are well received in various countries around the world, and they are exported in high volume. To facilitate the export business, we have undertaken in-depth studies in the regulations and rules of major importers, including America, German, Japan. To meet international standards, we conduct strict quality assurance methods that satisfy quality demands. The export business volume continues to increase and help us achieve great profits. We will keep expanding our sales networks to serve more customers.
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Sunlanrfid is a major label rfid supplier and deeply relied by customers. Sunlanrfid focuses on providing a variety of HF Inlay Prelam for customers. Sunlanrfid 's R&D engineers seek the most durable hardware materials for rfid metal tags. It is noted for its strong sensitivity. The product has desired mechanical strength. It has been tested by a simple stress-strain test to ascertain its mechanical properties. The product is equipped with a compact and high-tech magnetic stripe.
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Environment protection is the priority of our business. We undertake active measures while utilizing our technological expertise and other resources to contribute to advancement.

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