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Financial escort system based on UHF RFID

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Financial escort system based on UHF RFID

In recent years, China's financial business has developed rapidly, but there have been some cases of false claim and misappropriation in the process of handing over the cash box of the bank's cash transport vehicle and the storage of the cash box, which has caused economic losses to the bank, and has a negative social impact, and there are security risks.

As a professional organization integrating security guard and custody of cash box, the traditional management means can not meet the requirements of high security, real-time and full coverage of cash box management, so it needs the help of modern management tools.

Through our RFID technology, we can realize the whole process, real-time, automatic management and monitoring of the whole business process, respond to the alarm in the first time when problems occur, eliminate the phenomenon of certificate forgery caused by human factors, and ensure the safety and accuracy of the trunk management.

Through the integrated RFID Management Information System of financial trunk escort integrated business, dispatching monitoring, trunk warehouse management, bullet management, vehicle management, trunk handover management, logistics support management, business settlement management, alarm plan disposal and other work are integrated into a unified platform for unified management

Through RFID technology, the system can automatically monitor personnel authorization management to prevent embezzlement, wrong claim and false claim caused by staff cheating and mistakes;

In the process of cash box delivery, warehousing and handover, the equipment is automatically put into the constitutional cash box, and the personnel are authorized to match. If the matching is not successful, the alarm will be given;

It can realize automatic and real-time monitoring, collect status information automatically and real-time in the whole process of cash box warehousing, escorting, handover and so on, and feed back to the dispatching center, and issue the data of bank settlement.

Each trunk has a special information identification (RFID) electronic tag. Each person who extracts the trunk and the handover person in charge of the Bank branch also has a special identification electronic tag. The gun holder has a special RFID electronic tag;

The escort gets the handheld RFID reading and writing equipment with the RFID ID tag, and downloads the work task list of the day on the handheld RFID reading and writing device through wireless network. The task list already contains the information required for the work, such as the trunk card number, line bank outlets, cash truck card number, bullet mark number and quantity;

According to the assigned tasks, the firearms and ammunition, escort vehicles and cash boxes will be collected with RFID identification tags. The system will automatically identify and check their identity information, and the correct one will be released, and the system will alarm if it is incorrect;

When the cash carrier with RFID tag passes through the RFID access management system, the system will automatically detect and proofread the relevant information, and the correct one will pass through and the incorrect one will alarm;

In the process of handing over the trunk, the handheld RFID reading and writing equipment can be used to authenticate the identity of both parties, read and automatically check the information of the delivery trunk as the basis for handover with the bank outlets, and upload the wireless network to the dispatching and monitoring center when the trunk is handed over;

According to the business settlement criteria, the relevant business settlement will be carried out automatically, and the settlement results will be printed out.


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