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Flexible RFID Clothing Tags Propel the Sound and Rapid Growth of Clothing Industry


With the increasingly keen competition in clothing industry, RFID clothing tags have acted the vital and essential role in the aspect of promoting the management efficiency and improving the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Thereby, RFID clothing tags are getting more and more recognition and admiration among numerous apparel companies. In order to meet the huge market demand for RFID clothing tags, SUNLANRFID, a leading company who is committed to developing and producing RFID technology products, has recently launched a series of flexible RFID clothing tags, which propels the sound and rapid growth of modern clothing industry. 

Specifically designed for apparel industry, RFID clothing tags have the unparalleled advantages compared with other clothing management means. Based on the frequency of LF (125 KHz), HF (13.56 MHz) or UHF (860MHz~960MHz), RFID clothing tags are suitable to use in security area such as hotels and business building where ensuring the area safety is vital. Depending on the various frequency chips and readers, RFID clothing tags have the reading distance up to 7m, which makes these tags efficient and reliable approach for identification. In virtue of adopting the advanced RFID tech and special materials, RFID clothing tags are able to endure high temperatures of ironing, keep EMS memory read and written over 100K times, as well as maintain data information more than ten years. Moreover, due to the flexible reading range, RFID clothing tags allow users to find out the place that the particular article stays no matter in clothing retail stores or in apparel warehouse through using readers to scanning RFID clothing tags in a few seconds.

As for the benefits RFID clothing tags bring, clothing enterprises are full of praise for the outstanding performance in stock taking, garments tracking and management. Just as the fact shows, RFID clothing tags have the capacity to identify, track, locate and monitor the garments accurately, quickly and timely, which helps to realize the transparent and automated supply chain management in clothing industry. Furthermore, RFID clothing tags are able to reduce the unnecessary cost, eliminate the manual errors and promote the working efficiency on account of the large data storage capacity, fast read speed and high data security. Briefly speaking, RFID clothing tags boost the clothing field in significant measure and impel the apparel industry to enter into a new progress stage.

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