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Hot Selling Disposable RFID tags

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Disposable RFID tags are called "fragile security labels" in the anti-counterfeiting industry, it is an important type of self-adhesive labels. Due to the special nature of the fabric, after use, the tag can not be completely peeled off and reused, so this is why we called it disposable RFID tag.


Disposable RFID tags are often used in industries with high prices, high quality assurance obligations, and high quality assurance date requirements, such as auto parts, cosmetics, and computer accessories. At the same time, it can also be applied to the anti-theft and anti-tampering of shopping mall products.


In the article "Application of RFID tags in the field of commodity anti-counterfeiting", it is said that some of the most popular brands in many countries, such as alcohol, cosmetics, medicines and health care products, the market for counterfeit and shoddy goods will seriously affect these brand-name products. Credibility affects the country's economic construction, and its anti-counterfeiting is very necessary. 


RFID anti-counterfeiting technology has broken through the ideas of technology in the past, and adopted a new measure, which makes it difficult to forge, easy to identify, information feedback, password uniqueness, password confidentiality, and one-time use.


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