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How does Sunlanrfid manufacture prox card ?
Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd has been paying close attention to the process of making prox card . Professional and skilled employees have the ability to participate in the manufacturing process of the goods. Our production process is recommended by our customers by introducing a complete set of technologies and facilities.

Known as a leading supplier and manufacturer of uhf dry inlay, Sunlanrfid is competitive in this field. Sunlanrfid has created a number of successful series, and rfid inlay is one of them. The quality of Sunlanrfid rfid loyalty card gains credibility via programs such as the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) designation from Infocomm and the ISF certification from ISF-Commercial. The product is highly resistant to substances such as oil and chemicals. The product features good flexibility. It adopts high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is not easy to break down in the face of certain external force such as strong wind. The product has inside chips which are more precise than traditional smart chips.

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