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How long can prepaid card be used?
The service life of prepaid card is determined based on the quality of the raw materials, ways of usages, maintenance methods, use frequency. Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd has spent years minimizing the influence of the factors mentioned above, and thereby, extending the service life of the products. Within the years, we strictly select and test raw materials to ensure the best proportion of combination so as to develop the best effect of the finished products. We formulate scientific and reasonable manuals for use, installation, and maintenance after conducting multiple tests on the product. For more detailed information, contact us.
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Under correct development guidance, Sunlanrfid wins wide global market for its school id card. Sunlanrfid focuses on providing a variety of bus card for customers. The product runs stably during operation. It has the desired dynamic balance no matter in the movement of spinning or lifting up. The product is equipped with a compact and high-tech magnetic stripe. From design, production to use, all process for producing contact card comply with international green energy specifications. Internally stored data of the product can be repeatedly modified to update information.
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We recognize that water management is an essential part of ongoing risk mitigation and environmental impact reduction strategies. We are committed to measuring, tracking and continually improving our water stewardship.

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