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How long is delivery time of inlay label ?
The time your order takes to be delivered varies depending on the order quantity, your delivery address, and the delivery methods you choose. If customers require personalizing the products, for example, adding a logo name or designing the product appearance, it takes a longer time than delivering our in-stock products. We work with reliable freight forwarders to ensure the delivery time is perfectly controlled within the appointed range. In any case, we promise that customers can get your inlay label within the time specified in the contract agreed by both parties.

Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd always supplies high quality rfid card as a professional manufacturer. Sunlanrfid is mainly engaged in the business of smart wrist and other product series. The product features a stronger base. The metal material is used on the outside and glass is used to insulate the inside of the base to withstand impacts. The product is equipped with a compact and high-tech magnetic stripe. Sunlanrfid can store rfid metal tags in clean and big warehouse to ensure their safety from rain or sunlight. It has an extra-thin thickness of structure for great recognition capability.

The implementation of hf rfid reader will improve the competitiveness of Sunlanrfid . Check now!
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