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How to choose the right RFID tag for your project


How to correctly understand the RFID tag material and selection skills, I believe that many customers who have not touched the RFID tag will pay attention to these issues. Regarding the RFID tag in the production process, different materials are used according to the customer's requirements. When selecting an RFID tag, the key is to see which areas the label is used for; when the RFID tag is selected in different places, the material requirements are different.

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RFID electronic label basic material composition

First, the important characteristics of the label

1. Strength of materials: refers to the important indicators of the material's own carrying capacity;

2, the hardness and elasticity of the material: these two indicators are related to the flexibility of the material after carrying the weight, the hardness represents the expansion ability of the material and the elasticity reflects the ability of the material to return to its original shape and size;

3, the ductility of the material: represents the extent to which the material is deformed or can be elongated;

4. Material toughness: Indicates the ability of a material to absorb energy during plastic deformation and fracture.

Second, how the application environment will affect the choice of RFID label materials

Things to consider when selecting label materials:

1. Materials suitable for the application environment;

2. The effect of materials on RF signals;

3. Cost effect and return on investment;

4. Procurement and production convenience;

5, can protect the label from environmental damage;

6. Make the label durable.

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