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OSRFID  IoT is one of the largest manufacturers of RFID  labels, clothing tags and waterproof labels in the Pearl River Delta.

Committed to providing high quality RFID product design and manufacturing services, IoT industry solutions and industry 4.0 

label customization,

The company occupies more than 8,000 square meters, we continue to increase investment in research and development and

 production of HF and UHF RFID tags, and introduce a number of internationally advanced fully automated production equipment,

 relying on unremitting technology research and development and innovation, The powerful label design capability and technology,

 materials and experience are combined to meet the customized products and services of different customers. Our RFID label 

products have been widely used in retail anti-counterfeiting, artificial intelligence, access control system, automobile manufacturing,

 medical, transportation logistics.NFC tickets, customers are located in Southeast Asia and Europe. The company always insists on 

providing cost-effective products to customers as the first principle. OSRFID IOT must make a significant contribution to the Chinese

 RFID IoT industry.

*Company mission

Responding to the national IoT strategy and popularizing the application of RFID tags in various fields

*Company positioning

A leading provider of IoT application solutions, one-stop service for RFID tags, RFID readers, software system integrator

*Company features

The company has always been based on customer needs, tailoring individual IoT applications to customers according to

 their different needs, so that each customer can enjoy exclusive services.

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