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Maybe no such statistics can be obtained from the parking card marketplace, because different manufacturers can establish various sales channels. This should not be a key when you consider whether to do the business. As a buyer, you're expected to do research to the local marketplace to figure out the demand. You may have design or own product idea. Then OEM/ODM should be found.

Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd has achieved great popularity as a professional manufacturer of label nfc. The room key card series is widely praised by customers. The product has a dramatically high color rendering index. It allows the colors of items to appear clear, vivid and distinguishable. It is noted for its strong sensitivity. Sunlanrfid creates imaginative and on-trend prepaid card through innovative use of materials. The product's data content is protected by passwords, making its content difficult to be forged and changed.

Accurately grasping the pulse of the times, Sunlanrfid concentrates on the innovation development to be more competitive in the market. Get info!
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