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RFID Bin Tag for Garbage and Waste Management


The use of garbage can not only provide people with a clean and healthy living environment, but also recycle paper, glass, scrap metal, plastic renewable resources, and facilitate the disposal of toxic substances. However, due to the large population and the heavy workload of clearing roadside garbage, it is necessary to charge the corresponding service fee. The use of traditional manual means to collect garbage, can not accurately determine which households from which the garbage came from and charge them a certain fee, is prone to repeated labor, and can not confirm whether the truck is on time.

Garbage collection based on RFID technology can not only monitor the recycling process of garbage management, but also accurately collect fees and refuse to process garbage from unpaid residents. Use a low frequency (125KHz) rfid trash can label to affix the label to the outside of the trash can lid. The tag reads a few feet and has a lifespan of more than 8 years. In the garbage collection process, the RFID reader reads the tag information, and weighs the garbage bin, and the GPS device performs positioning, and then sends the tag ID, weight, position, time and other information to the back-end database through the wired network.


After the system is adopted, the garbage collection efficiency is greatly improved, and the number of recycling vehicles is reduced by 10% to 20%. The lifting hand of the recycling vehicle lifts the garbage bin, the reader reads the tag information, and sends the tag ID to the back-end database and the random computer on the truck to determine whether the resident of the garbage has paid. If the payment is not paid or the cost expires, the recycling truck will stop recycling and put the garbage bin on the side of the loop. The speed and accuracy of tag reading directly affect the efficiency of the recycling car, so the solution should be fully ensured in this solution.


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