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RFID Jewelry Tag Management System Solution

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Why does the jewelry industry need RFID Jewelry Tag management solutions? 1. The jewelry industry has unique industry characteristics, such as expensive material products, small production scale, and special management methods. RFID Jewelry Tag can manage the jewelry and help to complete the company’s digital analysis of the market acceptance of various products. 2. The storage efficiency of the previous program barcode is low, the information cannot be added, the damage is easy, and the reading position requirement is high, which affects the management efficiency. RFID technology can complete the input and processing of information without direct contact, without optical visualization, without manual intervention, and the operation is convenient and fast, which can solve the problem of barcode. 3. The intelligence of RFID jewelry Tag system greatly improve the efficiency of jewelry enterprises (receipt, inventory, sales), reduce the theft rate, improve the capital turnover rate and corporate image, and more effectively protect the operation process and service quality of enterprises. .

Principle of RFID Jewelry Tag Management System: RFID radio frequency identification technology uses the principle of radar reflection to send microwave inquiry signals to electronic tags through antennas. The electronic tags are activated by the readers’ microwave energy. After receiving the microwave signals, they respond and send out tag data information. The echo signal. The basic feature of radio frequency identification technology is to use radio technology to identify stationary or moving objects, to determine the identity of the object to be identified, and to extract feature information (or identification information) of the object to be identified.

RFID Jewelry Tag Management System Process: The construction of RFID smart jewelry Tag management system, the RFID technology runs through all aspects of jewelry management from storage to completion. Enterprises can deploy RFID systems at key nodes based on their business characteristics.1.Card issuance system: Card is a unique “identity ID” for each jewelry, and establishes basic data information. After the jewelry is finished, install an electronic label for each piece of jewelry. The electronic label packaging is designed for jewelry products and can be easily and easily hung on jewelry without affecting the appearance of jewelry, but also uniquely representing a jewelry. At this point, the electronic product code (EPC) and other data information of the jewelry are written into the corresponding electronic tag using the card issuer, and uploaded to the application center server to realize the binding of the RFID Jewelry Tag and the jewelry asset.

2, In and out of the library management: after the completion of the basic information of the jewelry, arranged neatly into the display panel, will be placed in the safe or other areas for storage, processing in the storage process. Before entering the warehouse, the exhibits are placed in an RF field consisting of an RFID reader and an RFID antenna. The RFID reader will collect all the jewelry label information in the tray at one time, and complete the entry of the storage information.

3, Real-time inventory: under each display counter, will be concealed installation of RFID equipment, including RFID antennas and RFID fixed readers, can be one to one, up to one to four, currently the latest program of COSCO is a First, an RFID antenna and a fixed reader and a tray to make a complete set of things, the reader with a battery, so that the tray is easy to move, can achieve a full range of jewelry display area without dead angle reading. When you need to carry out the inventory business, you only need to start the inventory work on the control computer. The RFID reader on the counter will start, scan all the jewelry information on the counter and count it to complete the inventory work.

4. Safety monitoring: When the salesperson is selling in the store, if the customer needs to look at a certain style of jewelry, the salesperson will take the corresponding jewelry from the tray and put it on the counter, the system will read the jewelry leaving the scene in real time. And record the time of the salesperson’s ring label (work permit) in the tray sensing area in real time, and judge the whereabouts of the jewelry. When the system finds that it is inconsistent with the number of previous counts, the data is submitted to the management platform. The interval of real-time counting can be set according to the needs of management.

5, Jewelry search positioning: RFID reading system installed on the counter can also be used for the rapid search and positioning of a single jewelry or a series of jewelry. Just enter the number of the jewelry in the background system, the system will start reading according to the entered jewelry number, quickly find the location of the specified number of jewelry, and quickly locate.

6. Intelligent sales link: For some key and rare treasures of jewelry stores, LED displays can be deployed near the counter. When the jewelry is displayed, the details of the jewelry “style, origin, designer, weight, material, purity, grade” are displayed on the screen of the system, which enhances the credibility and brand image of the jewelry brand and facilitates sales on the other hand. People draw more energy to provide better value-added services, enhance the customer experience, and promote sales. At the same time, the real-time monitoring of jewelry by RFID equipment can record the number of times each piece of jewelry is displayed to customers. Through deep mining of data, it provides a big data foundation for the company to understand customer consumption behavior, taste, preferences, etc., so that management can better. Make market decisions.

7. Settlement system: The settlement center in the store will be equipped with an integrated reader, which will cooperate with the staff to quickly complete the real-time update of the pricing and commodity information in the database. When the customer purchases and completes the settlement, the staff reads the jewelry label on the integrated reader/writer configured at the checkout counter, and the settlement computer displays the product and the amount of consumption. After completing the transaction, the staff confirms the sale on the computer. The central server marks the item as sold in the database, and the counter RFID device will no longer maintain monitoring of the item.

RFID Jewelry Management System Hardware Components: The RFID Jewelry Management System primarily includes antennas, tags, readers, card issuers, back-end services, and other related software. The core of RFID smart jewelry management system lies in the real-time communication between RFID and all jewelry binding labels, which realizes the intelligent management of jewelry. Therefore, the core equipment lies in the processing capability of multi-tag and the overall reliability and stability of the system.


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