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RFID Passive Stickers Simplify and Accelerate the Process of Tracking


RFID Passive Stickers Simplify and Accelerate the Process of Items Tracking


As RFID technology grows rapidly, RFID passive stickers have become the indispensible part of RFID products and solutions in a variety of industrial applications. Especially in items tracking, RFID passive stickers have acted a significant and essential role, making RFID passive stickers popular among supply chain managers and logistics companies. In order to cater for the huge market demand for RFID passive stickers, Card Cube, a Chinese leading professional RFID technology products developer and manufacturer, has recently unveiled a series of smart RFID passive stickers with high quality and excellent performance.

Taking one of RFID passive stickers - RFID clear tag 08 for case, this tag is available in different dimensions, which can be used in various applications to track the objects. Based on the operating frequency of 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz, this round RFID passive sticker can be designed in the minimum diameter of 7mm and among the thickness from 0.25mm to 0.4mm. Available with the diverse chips, for instance, Mifare-One S50 and EM 4102, this adhesive RFID passive sticker has the reading distance ranging from 5cm to 30cm (reader dependant). In the meantime, with 3M Glue on the back, RFID passive stickers can be breezily stuck on flat and clean surfaces for tracking usage. Besides, on account of employing the special housing materials of PET or PVC, RFID passive stickers are appropriate for applications in library management, logistics, inventory control, and anti-counterfeiting and so forth.

In addition, RFID passive stickers allow stable and reliable performance even under harsh physical conditions, such as resistance against abrasion and impact. By right of the unique RFID chips, RFID passive stickers are able to identify, locate and track the objects accurately and quickly, and also protect the items or tracking objects from losing or theft. Meanwhile, RFID passive stickers are helpful to eliminate manual errors during stock-taking, reduce the unnecessary cost, and then promote the tracking efficiency. Briefly speaking, RFID passive stickers contribute a lot to realizing to track objects automatically, visibly and efficiently, and simplify and accelerate the procedure of items tracking and management.


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