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RFID technology helps build "smart transportation"


The number of urban cars is constantly increasing, and vehicle management has always been an important part of urban transportation. RFID technology implements effective management of vehicles, and quickly and automatically identifies the identity of vehicles, becoming an important means of vehicle management. The intelligent electronic license plate combines the features of ordinary license plate and RFID technology to automatically identify and collect the vehicle license plate for wireless, long-distance and high-speed identification. Moreover, the RFID unique global unique ID number of the RFID tag has functions such as anti-tagging and anti-theft. RFID technology helps build "smart transportation" and "smart cities"

Intelligent electronic license plate is a combination of ordinary electronic license plate and RFID electronic tag. The RFID electronic tag is associated with the ordinary license plate number. After reading the RFID electronic tag information by wireless long-distance method, you can obtain the vehicle license plate number and other detailed information of the vehicle and owner. .

RFID technology helps build "smart transportation"

1. Vehicle information management: identify and identify vehicle-related information through fixed or mobile devices, and judge vehicle fake deck, annual inspection, exhaust, and traffic insurance.

2. Customs and electronic gate management: electronic gate system for port and dock, automatic customs clearance management, etc.

3. Electronic toll management: road and bridge toll management, highway non-parking toll management, parking lot toll management, etc.

4. Traffic condition management: BRT scheduling system, road traffic flow monitoring system, etc.

Electronic license plate is the best choice to achieve high-speed automatic toll collection. An electronic license plate is an RFID electronic tag mounted on a motor vehicle as a carrier of vehicle information. When passing through a section equipped with an authorized RFID reader, the reader collects data on the electronic license plate of each motor vehicle. Or write, to achieve the purpose of various types of comprehensive traffic management. This is an application based on the technical characteristics of high-precision RFID identification, high-accuracy collection, and high sensitivity, and can realize that the vehicle can pass through the toll gate and complete payment without stopping or decelerating.

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