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RFID technology helps family security


RFID technology helps family security

To simplify installation and operation, a home safety system must be able to monitor wirelessly, including perimeter security, intrusion detection, and security in sensitive areas of the home, such as medicine boxes, safes, or other valuables hiding places.

Although video surveillance is possible, it requires complex image processing and analysis to detect unauthorized activities, and it also raises concerns about privacy. Although traditional motion sensors eliminate the privacy problem, they need power supply and system, which increases the BOM cost of products. Motion detectors also need some kind of wired or wireless interface to relay the sensor's output to the cloud. In many cases, cameras and motion detectors require professional installation, which makes them uneconomic for many cost sensitive applications.

The following design concepts propose an alternative solution that is more suitable for consumers or small businesses: Using RFID tag technology to achieve a low-cost, battery free, easy to install home safety system.

RFID tags can be used as the basis of a series of security sensors. By integrating RFID tag with reed switch, the motion detector can be made. Similarly, reed switch can be used instead of impact switch to develop shock event detector. In both cases, the sensor switch is connected between the two terminals of the antenna and the two terminals of the RFID chip. In this configuration, the RFID tag operation can be enabled or disabled according to the switch status.

The security monitoring system of these sensors provides a low-cost, compact solution. RFID tags with motion sensors can be attached to windows, doors and safes, while vibration sensitive tags can be attached to medicine boxes. The commercial RFID reader has two functions: a) it detects any sensor that is activated by its motion or vibration sensing switch; b) the reader also injects low-power RF energy into the area and supplies power to the tag when it is activated. Since each RFID tag has its own unique ID, the RFID reader knows where the detected activity occurs. Once captured, activity data can be transferred to the cloud for analysis, and users can be informed by smartphone or email alerts when appropriate.

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