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Russia: RFID tags are forced to use in fur field for import and export

  1. Russia enforced to make use of RFID technology to manage fur of import and export.

    All Eurasian Economic Union countries including Russia (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia) will unify the management of electronic tags on fur products. Fur products without electronic tags will be banned to sell,  and those which violated  the prohibition will be confiscated.

  2. Russian fur garment imports have increased greatly since the implementation of the electronic tags policy.

    From August 12, 2016, the export and import fur garments to the EU border must be pasted with electronic tags, according to a recent report by Otas News Agency. Since the implementation of this practice, the number of Russian fur clothing import declarations has increased greatly. According to Russian Customs statistics, Russia imported 417,000 fur garments in 2017, with a total value of US$232 million, up 51.8% and 79.8% respectively from 2016. Payment of customs duties and fees amounted to $69.6 million, an increase of 79.8% over the previous year. In addition, 1.2 million fur garments were sold in the Russian market in 2017, with a total sales of 68.5 billion roubles.It is understood that Russia has also begun to try to paste electronic tags on some medicines; from July 1, 2018, it will paste electronic tags on tobacco products in order to realize the supervision of the whole process from import to sale of goods,

  3. According to the list of commodities released in April 2018, besides tobacco products, the commodities that were restricted in 2019 also included shoes, perfume, clothing and other personal belongings.Since July 1st, 2019, shoes that are not equipped with chips can not be imported. From December 1st onwards, clothing, bedding, perfume, tires, cameras and flashlights, and other commodities, no chips are prohibited from importing to Russia.

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