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Sunlanrfid attend the 10th IoT Exhibition in Shenzhen


July 31st to August 2nd , 2018, Sunlanrfid Company attend the 10th Internet of Things Exhibition to showcase innovative rfid products and equipment to customers and market partners.

China International Internet of Thing Exhibition is the largest and most comprehensive IoT expo in Asia. It showcases the whole IoT industry chain, covers perceptual layer, network layer and intelligent application layer of IoT. It exhibits the technologies of RFID, sensor network, short-range communication, financial mobile payment, middle-ware, big data processing, Cloud, real-time locating, and etc; It also shows the IoT solutions and applications in various industries, such as transportation, manufacturing, smart grid, smart home, logistics, anti-counterfeiting, attendance, military, asset management, apparel, library, smart city, environment monitoring.

At booth 1A115, Sunlanrfid presents Rfid Card, Inlay Prelam, Rfid Label Sticker, and Face-Recognition Attendance Equipment. RFID Card is widely used in variable application, such as Access Control, Park, Payment. Attendance, Banking, Supermarket, Hotel, etc. Inlay Prelam mainly is offered to factory from home and abroad. We can accept any customized layout design. Rfid Label from our new OSRfid Company, is produced for increase efficiency and safety in industry, garment, retailing and logistics.

Meantime, Sunlan is committed to build “One stop solution” in RFID: Sunlan for smart card, ZHT for inlay prelam, OSrfid for rfid tag, SimHo for solution system, to fully meet customers demand.

Meet Sunlanrfid, IoT Expo 2018, booth# 1A115

July 31st to August 2nd 2018, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangdong, China.

For more information, Welcome visit our booth to have a face to face talk. Or click our website: 

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