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The application of RFID in smart packaging


The so-called smart packaging is to add more relevant information on the existing packaging technology, and can be read by the current advanced smart phones, the Internet, and the Internet of Things, so that the packaging has a larger information capacity.

RFID is a contactless RFID technology that has the following features.



RFID can give an "electronic ID card" to every item in the Internet of Things.

Each RFID electronic tag has a globally unique number (the label cannot be copied), which can realize anti-counterfeiting, traceability and anti-smuggling of the product.


RFID technology has long-distance group reading function (can read thousands of labels at a distance of 10M)

Big data of smart packaging

Supply chain tracking and traceability ensures complete end-to-end transparency. It provides extra product information and interaction for customer to realize B2B to B2C service transformation

By using RFID technologies such as NFC and UHF, products of smart packaging enable easy tracking and tracing throughout the supply chain, ensuring end-to-end transparency.

Smart packaging enables the creation of product lifecycle big data, is the applications of Internet + chip + packaging .And big data including supply chain big data, and anti-counterfeiting traceable big data platform.

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