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The application of RFID in sports


For the first time in the history of Olympic tickets, Beijing has adopted chip embedding technology. When ticket holders enter the venues, they only need to swipe their tickets on the ticket checking instrument. In fact, this kind of chip is only a part of the whole identification system. The full name of this technology is radio frequency identification. RFID is its abbreviation. A complete RFID system is composed of reader, tag and application software system. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It can automatically identify the target object and obtain the relevant data through RF signal.

The application of RFID technology in the race In the Berlin Marathon in 1994, champion chip pioneered the application of RFID technology. The athletes were pasted with electronic tags to find personal information. Through the information collection of readers and writers set at the starting point, end point and on the way of the competition, the process of the competition was monitored more accurately and the results of the competition were measured more accurately. Since then, RFID technology has been used in various road race, cross-country skiing, Decathlon and other competitions, which greatly improves the juice time efficiency. In the half marathon of broloppet in June 2000, a record of 79837 competitors were timed. RFID technology has been widely used in motorcycle field race, bicycle field race and so on.

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