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Unbelievable! The jewels are actually set with a sand-sized RFID tag


With the development of the Internet of Things, RFID tag products have been diversified, costs have been greatly reduced, and competition has become increasingly fierce.

In the past, at the IOTE 2018 held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, a woman from Hong Kong came to visit the exhibition praised the application of RFID technology on the booth of a company. “This is really high-tech!” The technician on the booth showed the woman a seemingly ordinary ring, but with a sand-sized RFID tag embedded in it, it can record and manage the ring production, logistics and sales.

According to introducing, this is the smallest RFID tag currently produced by XX Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It measures only 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.55 mm and can be embedded in the product without affecting the appearance of the product. It is used for anti-counterfeiting and branding protect of jewelry products. Also, can be used at the field like warehousing, logistics management and after-sales management.

XX’s on-site staff told reporters: “The traditional jewelry retail industry mainly uses offline sales, lacks understanding of customer information, and cannot accurately capture customer needs and provide timely service. Product homogeneity is serious. The daily management of the goods in and out of the warehouse and the inventory work play an important role in jewelry industry, but nowadays it is usually the use of bar code technology—— paper labels, it could be damaged easily and cause the information can not be read. In addition, the bar code has a low amount of information stored, inability to add information, and the high requirement for reading position are gradually exposed.”

XX’s smallest RFID tag can be embedded in a ring by resin molding without affecting the appearance of the product. Through the RFID solution, jewelry retailers can track items for a long time in the logistics process, and record the jewelry manufacturing information, distribution channels, purchase information and so on to store them in the cloud unified management.

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