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What about industry position of Sunlanrfid?
Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd, as a kind of famous brand products, is very popular among different groups of people. And according to the strongly developing momentum, there is a chance for Sunlanrfid to be one of the industry giants and lead the industry development. Currently, it's ushered in a number of great opportunities - update comprehensive power, industrial upgrading, comprehensively improve the traffic network, the innovation drive, etc. All those factors make lots of contribution to its development.

By sticking to high quality, Sunlanrfid has become a reliable producer for key fobs. Sunlanrfid has created a number of successful series, and bus card is one of them. we rfid loyalty card is offered in a variety of sizes, that are broken down into formats: HDTV (16:9), NTSC or Video (4:3), Widescreen PC (16:10), Square (1:1), CinemaScope (2.35:1) and various other AV formats. The product is guaranteed with one-year warranty period. The product is energy efficient. It has a built-in power management system which will sleep when it is not in use. The product has a very large chip data capacity.

Accurately grasping the pulse of the times, we concentrates on the innovation development to be more competitive in the market. Welcome to visit our factory!
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