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What are advantages of non-contact smart card?


  1. Reliable quality

    No mechanical contact between the card and the reader avoids various faults  by contacting and reading, which improves the reliability of the card.What's more, it can not only prevent contact failure from rough card insertion, but also have excellent function of waterproof steam, anti-static, anti-vibration and anti-electromagnetic interference owing to its completely enclosed package form.

  2.  Anti-conflict and anti-interference

    The non-contact smart card has a main conflict mechanism, which can prevent data interference between multiple cards at the same time, hence, invisibly it enhances work efficiency and speed increasingly .

  3. Excellent safety 

    The  two-way authentication mechanism  are applied in the contactless smart card and the reader. Each sector of the card has operation password and access conditions independently as well as pass data encryption, transmission password and access password protection in order to prevent copy counterfeiting for safety.

  4. Multi-application and multi-purpose

    The memory structure of the non-contact smart card makes it suitable for multiple application and multiple purpose fields. Also,passwords and access conditions can be free to set according to different scenes,just one card.

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