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what are the processes of access control card


There are several processes for making a community access card:

First, first determine the chip type of the cell access card, such as ID chip, IC chip, M1 card or cpu chip card.

Second, you must determine the layout of the cell access card, that is, whether you need a standard size or other size; also determine what pattern to print on the surface of the card, what text on the card, etc.; if the customer can provide directly Pictures, we can make according to the customer's request; if the customer does not have pictures, here we will design several layouts by customers to choose.

Third, to determine which processes to print, the current process types are: matte, matte, UV card, hot stamping, hot silver, film, color printing, surface gloss, laser code, inkjet, UV code, etc.

The above is the process that needs to be prepared in the early stage of making the access control card of the community. The specific production of the access control card, this needs to be handed over to the technical staff of our factory, and after the finished product is finished, it will be tested, packaged and shipped! You can rest assured that you can sign it. If there are any quality and technical problems, you can give feedback to the company, we will deal with you in time.

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