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What Is RFID Tag?Types Of RFID Tags


Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. An RFID tag consists of a tiny radio transponder; a radio receiver and a transmitter. RFID is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification” and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels (defined below) are captured by a reader via radio waves. The combination of RFID technology and intelligent manufacturing can effectively improve its manufacturing efficiency and quality.

Digital Workshop Of RFID Tags

Digital workshop based on RFID technology. The application of RFID in the digital workshops mainly includes the management of auxiliary tools, intelligent maintenance of equipment, and mixed model manufacturing. The RFID technology can realize the information exchange between the auxiliary tool and the host machine, the visual tracking management of the auxiliary tool, and the quantitative monitoring and prediction of the tool life. In addition, the intelligent sensor integrated with RFID technology can monitor the operation of key parts of the equipment online, and communicate with the background server through the network, so as to realize the on-line monitoring of the performance characteristics of processing equipment, operation status evaluation and risk warning, early fault diagnosis, and expert support. Through the integration of the industrial Fieldbus network and MES system, intelligent selection of process route, processing equipment, and processing program, visual tracking of machining/assembly status, and real-time monitoring of production processes are realized.

Intelligent Products Of RFID Tags

The whole life cycle management of intelligent products based on RFID technology. Intelligence is an important direction and trend of the future development of mechanical and electrical products. One of the key points of intelligent products is how to achieve the rapid acquisition and sharing of information in the whole life cycle. The effective integration of RFID technology and sensor technology can obtain real-time and fast state information of products in the stages of processing, assembly, and service. At the same time, through network transmission, manufacturers can grasp the working condition information of the whole life cycle of the products produced in time, which provides powerful data support for backstage service support, remote instruction issuing, and personalized design improvement of users. Through the application, the production cycle and delivery time of demonstration enterprises are greatly shortened, and a good demonstration effect is achieved.

Intelligent Manufacturing Logistics Of RFID Tags

Intelligent manufacturing logistics based on RFID technology. The RFID system is integrated with the automatic warehouse system of manufacturing enterprises, which can realize the automation of products/goods warehousing and batch identification. In addition, the integration of RFID technology and GPS technology can realize the accurate positioning of WIP for manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, through network transmission, logistics information sharing and product whole process monitoring can be realized, so as to optimize the enterprise procurement process. By using middleware technology, the intelligent logistics system can be seamlessly connected with enterprise ERP and MES system to realize rapid response and reduce inventory and improve the intelligent level of WIP logistics management of manufacturing enterprises.

Product parameter of RFID Tags:

◇ Bar code(1D:128,39,EAN,UPC 2D:49,PDF419,Maxi)

◇ Off-set or silkscreen printing (full color)

◇ Signature panel and scratch panel

◇ Inkjet/stamping sequential number printing

◇ Logo printing, embossing, UV

◇ Hot/laser stamping (gold ,silver) ,Matting or frosting

Product features of RFID Tags:


Size: 35mm*26mm*0.80±0.04mm (with 15.2mm*2mm hole ) or on your demand

Chip:MIFARE  Ultralight C

Other Available Chips: MIFARE Classic 1K/MIFARE Ultralight/MIFARE ICODE2/NTAG213 etc


Product Image RFID Tags:


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