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What's the real RFID technology?

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RFID tags use small radio frequency identification devices to track and identify objects. The RFID tag system includes the tag itself, also known as a repeater; the scanning antenna and receiver, which are typically combined into a single reader, also known as an interrogator; and a host system application for data collection, processing, and transmission. Such systems are commonly used to track and manage goods, animals and humans.

The high cost of tags and readers has largely hampered the early widespread commercial use of RFID. As hardware costs have decreased, the adoption of RFID tags has increased, and RFID applications have surpassed retail. Airlines use RFID tags to track passenger baggage and manage emergency equipment on the aircraft and track aircraft parts inventory. The fake village uses RFID technology in the wristband, allowing visitors to unlock their hotel rooms, shop at specific locations, and access attractions and shows. Place RFID tags on the vials to ensure patient safety and combat drug transfer and counterfeiting. In another medical use, RFID tags are used to track the inventory of blood products and to ensure the safety of their temperature-sensitive consumables. In industrial use cases, RFID is used on products to identify and track multiple tons of steel, automated inspection, packaging and transportation from the manufacturing floor to the final customer.


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