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Who to pay the freight of label nfc sample?
In general, the freight of label nfc should be paid by you if the sample is free. Please understand that we are a factory with hope of quick returns and small margins. If an order is placed after trying the sample, a discount may be offered.

Shenzhen Sunlanrfid Technology Co., Ltd has developed and grown to be a globally advanced badge card manufacturer. Sunlanrfid is mainly engaged in the business of inlay stickers and other product series. Sunlanrfid railway smart card price is mainly composed of 3 layers. They include a flexible substrate, a reflective layer, and a transparent coating layer. There is a plurality of optical microstructures between these layers. The product comes with a free sample service. Sunlanrfid uses solid cartons to pack UHF Inlay Prelam so as to make sure they are safe enough. The product is highly reliable without static breakdown problems.

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