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Why do more and more people choose RFID, not bar code ?





 1. The stronger and anti-fouling ability

Traditional bar codes are influenced by damage or contamination and affect the correct identification of object information. RFID makes use of electronic chips to store information and is protected from outside environment . 

2. The higher security 

The bard code is easy to operate and has the disadvantages of easy copying and poor information confidentiality. The RFID tag has an electronic chip to store information, and its data can be protected by coding, and its content is not easily forgotten and changed in common situation.

3. The larger capacity

The one-dimensional bar code limit capacity, and the maximum capacity of the two-dimensional bar code can only store 3,000 characters. The capacity of the RFID tag can be several times of the two-dimensional bar code capacity, which can recognize to finish on to one matching, and meet the needs of increasing information volume and increasing information processing speed.

4. Able to identify multiple tags 

The bar code can only be scanned on at a time, and the bar code is required to be closer to the reader. RFID uses radio waves for data exchange. RFID reader can simultaneously identified multiple RFID tags at a distance and process and transmit information over a computer network.

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